Betterworks Launches Advanced Analytics with DEIB Dashboards

Betterworks takes meaningful action to drive real, inclusive changes to performance management practices


Betterworks, the leader in modern performance management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its Advanced Analytics with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) dashboards. This innovative offering empowers HR leaders to identify and address biases in performance management practices, fostering a more equitable and inclusive workplace environment. The release of these DEIB dashboards coincides with the celebration of Pride Month, emphasizing Betterworks’ commitment to promoting diversity and equality.

Performance management processes and decisions are often susceptible to human biases, leading to unfair outcomes and a disadvantage for certain individuals within organizations. Inconsistent ratings and biased feedback can create a culture of distrust, contribute to employee turnover and hinder organizational success. To combat these challenges, organizations need a way to evaluate the presence of biases in their performance management systems effectively.

Betterworks’ Advanced Analytics with DEIB dashboards enables HR leaders to identify sources of bias within the performance management cycle by leveraging metrics and analytics. These powerful reports and dashboards shed light on discrepancies in developmental opportunities, coaching practices, performance ratings, and engagement and satisfaction scores for different groups within the organization. For example, HR leaders can easily identify if one gender or one ethnicity within a specific department is receiving less coaching than another, allowing for targeted interventions to promote fairness and inclusivity.

“With the introduction of our DEIB dashboards, we are providing organizations with the tools to take a data-driven approach to root out bias from employee performance management,” said Andrea Lagan, chief operating officer at Betterworks. “We believe that every employee should have an equal opportunity for career advancement and business impact. By highlighting inequities and fostering awareness, organizations can course-correct and ensure that all employees receive equitable performance and development focus.”

Betterworks’ DEIB dashboards empower organizations to answer critical questions such as:

  • Are we equitable in the way we create relationships with our employees?
  • How is employee performance evolving across various diversity groups?
  • How are we developing diverse talent?
  • How effective is the performance calibration process in removing bias for various groups?

By leveraging these insights, organizations can guide decisions on coaching managers to have more impactful conversations within their teams and create an environment where all employees are engaged, leading to improved employee-manager relationships.

Analytics in Action

Discover how HR leaders can use advanced analytics to fuel impactful people strategies, uncover L&D opportunities, reveal actionable DEIB insights, and support strategic planning for business initiatives. Join our live webinar on July 13 led by Chief Product Officer, Arnaud Grunwald, showcasing Betterworks Advanced Analytics. Register today.

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