Bellrock with Totalmobile rolls mobile app to track employee wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak

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Bellrock is introducing a new mobile application by Totalmobile that will allow the company to track the wellbeing and health of its remote employees during the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus and even beyond that. The hrtech news arena along with others have been highlighting the importance of employee wellbeing especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The property and facilities management services organization enabled by technology has joined hands with Totalmobile, the field service software specialist. This move is to be able to deploy the Employee Wellbeing solution of Totalmobile, for 150 engineers that are at present working and providing essential maintenance services that are vital to the public sector customers during the crisis situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This solution enables the remote workers of Bellrock to utilize their mobile devices for providing regular updates about their physical as well as mental health. This will include, recording the mood of the employees, checking if they are showing any symptoms of the Coronavirus, as well as identifying if they have been required to isolate themselves and would not be available to work.

The information that is captured in the system through the mobile devices of the employees in the field will automatically be relayed to the HR and operations department of Bellrock, in real-time who can then monitor the actions and app use as well as can make timely interventions while tracking key metrics using tools for analytics.

This application also offers remote workers, immediate access to approved contacts, guidance documents as well as support networks.

The CEO of Bellrock, David Smith stated that it has become quite important to do everything the company can to support its employees, especially the ones who are on the front line, delivering vital maintenance services to the public sector during such difficult times.

Since this app is giving the workforce of the company an easy and quick way of communicating their feelings along with access to important resources, Bellrock is also planning on rolling out this solution to a further 950 employees by the end of next month.

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