Becklar Best-in-Class for HR Management

best hr management award

Becklar is honored to have received a best-in-class for HR management award, with data based on Gallagher’s 2018 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. Over 4,000 organizations participated across the board, and Becklar was one of only 3% that qualified.

The award analyzes companies that presented a leading procedure at not only finding, hiring and retaining top talent but working strategically to provide quality benefits at an affordable price. By doing so, it ultimately assists in supporting career growth while minimizing turnover and driving employee engagement.

Gallagher follows a six-step process to analyze scores, where employers are separated into quartiles, leaving the highest score of each group to classify as best-in-class. Gallagher then determines specifics that set these employers apart, analyzing response data for questions on communication strategy, tactics, and programs.

Employers like Becklar were seen as a company that prioritizes the importance of compensation and benefits to promote a positive workplace and performance. This mindset is defined by Gallagher as a characteristic that enables the overarching success of a business and acts as a driving force to create a multi-year benefits strategy plan. The strategy best-in-class employers had for management also better lined up with ones set in place for organization and operations, even using labor cost modeling to project future turnouts.

Another element Gallagher looked for was companies that facilitated employee growth. It creates brand loyalty and activates participation. Best-in-class employers exceed their competitors by 61%, saying they spend more time on employee training and development. They’re also leaders in program implementation by more than 25%, creating clear performance goals and open-line communication through action plans with their employees.

With a variety of companies going into the survey, Becklar is delighted they were recognized by Gallagher, and plan to proceed with implementing the same efforts and programs aforementioned, with an aim to continue cultivating a positive relationship between the company and its employees.


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