Awardco Pioneers Better Offline Recognition with AwardCodes


AwardCodes create a memorable recognition & reward experience for employees everywhere—whether they’re at a desk or not.

Awardco, the employee recognition and rewards company that builds culture through value-driven recognition, announced a new product today called AwardCodes to help employers recognize and reward all their employees—including their offline, seasonal, and field workforce.

With this new product, Awardco continues to evolve its already dynamic platform by making employee rewards and recognition more inclusive and easier than ever. AwardCodes are customizable codes that can be given to any employee for offline recognition. Upon scanning the AwardCode, points are automatically deposited into their account for immediate redemption on Awardco’s vast reward network of millions of items and experiences.

AwardCodes allow any organization to create a memorable recognition and reward experience that is easy to use for any employee. AwardCodes can be used to reward contest winners, facilitate giveaways, incentivize participation, or help build relationships through on-the-spot recognition at any time for any employee.

AwardCodes also provide organizations whose reward programs are dependent on gift cards with a more effective and efficient way to motivate and thank their employees. AwardCodes remove the need to allocate a large sum to purchase gift cards that go undistributed or unused. Usage and redemption rates are all tracked in the Awardco platform, so reward budgets are used exactly where they should be: on rewarding good work.

“AwardCodes are an incredible innovation in the rewards and recognition space,” said Awardco founder and CEO Steve Sonnenberg. “Custom-designed AwardCodes can curate a company-specific experience and can be used any time, anywhere. Driving behavior and building culture in an organization is easier than ever as leaders utilize AwardCodes to recognize their employees no matter if they work online or off.”

AwardCodes will continue to evolve and provide new avenues for leaders to recognize, reward, and retain their workforce no matter the economic climate

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