Aprio Partners with WhistleBlower Security for Employees


Aprio Inc., North America’s most trusted provider of board portal software, today announced its new partnership with WhistleBlower Security, a globally established ethics reporting and case management solution provider.

“At the end of the day, both Aprio and WhistleBlower Security assist organizations and their boards to create transparent and accountable work environments,” commented Shannon Walker, Founder and President of WhistleBlower Security. “Our customers are alike in that they care about ensuring good governance, compliance, and a positive culture while committing to sustainable, long-term growth. We’re thrilled to have Aprio as our new strategic partner and look forward to working together.”

The whistleblowing experience is key for boards to ensure good governance, and boards are often required to oversee and ensure that their organization’s whistleblower program policies, procedures, and outcomes are effective. Many organizations using Aprio to achieve fair and continuous access to information, effective collaboration, and visibility into every decision also use WhistleBlower’s solution, IntegrityCounts. The IntegrityCounts platform improves the whistleblowing process by offering a human experience, fast response times, and complete anonymity, ultimately leading to better and more effective ethics investigations.

“We’re excited to begin our new strategic partnership with WhistleBlower Security,” commented Ian Warner, President and CEO of Aprio. “Both our organizations bring a people-first approach that I believe will allow our teams to collaborate and support one another. We look forward to a promising partnership as we continue to make good governance affordable and simple for boards everywhere.”


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