Appfire won 2023 SaaS Award

Winner in the Best SaaS Product for Communication, Collaboration or Conferencing Category for Fueling Dynamic Collaboration in the SaaS-powered Workforce


Appfire, the leading global provider of software that enhances, extends, and connects the world’s leading platforms, such as Atlassian, Microsoft,, and Salesforce, today announced it has won the award for Best SaaS Product For Communication, Collaboration Or Conferencing in the 2023 international SaaS Awards program. Now celebrating its 8th year, The SaaS Awards continues to recognize and honor outstanding SaaS innovations from all corners of the world.

“Appfire is a deserving winner in a highly competitive category,” said James Williams, Head of Operations at The SaaS Awards. “Each year, we’re impressed by the innovative solutions and achievements of our entrants. Submissions continue to improve, reflecting positive progress. With every awards program of this business software ‘Oscars,’ we see even more captivating innovations that adapt to the evolving challenges of today.”

This award recognizes software in Appfire’s portfolio for innovation and ease of use, specifically Comala Document Management,, BigPicture, Timetracker, and Swanly. Appfire leads the pack with its enterprise workplace collaboration apps and products, which help improve communication and collaboration between teams and across software. The technology equips and connects teams so they can plan and deliver their best work. In addition to the win, Appfire was also named a finalist in two categories, for Best Enterprise-level SaaS Product and Best SaaS Product for Project Management, Workflow Automation or PLM.

“Digital business innovation thrives on collaboration. It’s critical that SaaS platforms communicate with each other, but many don’t and this breaks the flow of work and causes teams to waste time switching between platforms and ecosystems,” said Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO of Appfire. “The need for seamless enterprise collaboration is massive. Appfire is uniquely positioned to see the flow of work between SaaS platforms and apps and we’re constantly innovating to help organizations enhance and augment their platforms, optimize the flow of work, and eliminate silos. This exciting SaaS Award win demonstrates our commitment to being an irreplaceable part of how teams collaborate, no matter how they work.”

The future of work is here and Appfire is helping it flow better for enterprises across the globe, forging a new reality for hybrid remote work and digital collaboration experiences. Appfire delivers products like, BigPicture, and Timetracker that enable enterprise collaboration ecosystems to thrive, create massive revenue streams for the top SaaS companies, and give SaaS platforms the pliability they need to support the future of work.

Appfire consistently expands its offerings and its acquisition of is an example of how Appfire is bringing powerful capabilities – in this case, AI – to its customers. The company’s expansion into the Microsoft Azure DevOps marketplace was solidified with its acquisition of 7pace, which recently beta launched in Microsoft GitHub and widened the reach of its support for software development and product teams to optimize business collaboration. In three years, the company has grown from $10M to $170M in ARR with 100+ products and more than one million users. By reducing context switching, improving efficiency, and helping teams work where and how they want to work, Appfire enables teams to achieve peak productivity and collaboration. These capabilities are especially key as organizations adjust to new work models and economic-induced staffing shortages, requiring many teams to do more with less.

“We take immense pride in our commitment to excellence and the rigorous process we employ to evaluate the entries for The SaaS Awards 2023,” said Maneet Bansal, Lead Judge at The SaaS Awards. “Our panel of esteemed, independent judges brings decades of experience from some of the most successful companies in the technology industry, including Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon. These experts dedicated countless hours to meticulously assess hundreds of submissions across 54 different categories, ensuring that only the most innovative, impactful, and groundbreaking SaaS solutions rise to the top. We congratulate all deserving winners today.”

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