AI-Based HR Platform Revolutionizing the Recruitment Industry

ChoozeHire was launched in 2017, offering many features that automate the hiring process. This AI-based HR platform has since revolutionized the recruiting industry. The brainchild of the Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and investor Kishore Pallapothu, this platform has been at the forefront of the AI story in this industry.

Kishore Pallapothu the CEO and founder of the firm shed some light on the key features of this AI-based HR platform that makes it unique, “The HR industry and in-house HR departments have always been under stress. We launched ChoozeHire at time when the concept of AI in recruiting was just taking shape.”

Staff Forecasting

The platform leverages machine learning algorithms to make staff forecasting. “Consider prediction of employee turnover. Every year a company will have inevitable attrition and turnover. AI has the potential to inform the manager of the potential decisions of employees even before they announce leaving the company.” Kishore Pallapothu explained one aspect of the platform’s functioning.

The use of machine learning for predicting human behavior has become prevalent. This system learns from large volume of data to create pattern or general model, resulting in completing useful predictions.

Hiring the Right Talent

Selecting the right talent from large number of resumes has always been a cumbersome task for HR departments. However, with ChoozeHire, companies no longer have to put their HR teams through the same strenuous tasks.

“The AI-based system no longer allows human biases in selecting talent. The interviewer would traditionally use the candidate’s speech, appearance, and presentation in making decisions. That is no longer the case with AI,” explained Kishore Pallapothu.

This platform does resume scanning for HR teams, taking only a fraction of the time. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) that brings together the domains of AI, and computer science.

AI Applicant Tracking

Screening resumes and inviting qualifying candidates is a tedious job in the process. Companies often receive thousands of applications. The AI-based platform allows automation of the process of screening and applicant tracking. This enables better-quality recommendations.

There are many areas in the recruiting process that ChoozeHire automates. For more information about the platform, the company, and the entrepreneur Kishore Pallapothu, it is recommended to directly contact their representative.

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